A Lesson: Lip flip vs Lip filler

When it comes to enhancing your pout, there are two options: the lip flip or lip filler. We don’t think one is better than the other, it just depends on what you want to achieve!

Growing your natural lashes can be a grueling process. Especially after years of lash glue, extensions, and drug store mascara products. If you’ve noticed your lashes looking sparser than you’d like, you might be wondering how long it will take for them to regrow.

Just like the hair on your head, your eyelashes go through a natural cycle of growth and eventual shedding. Being too harsh on your lashes while removing makeup or using a lash curler can result in premature shedding, but the growth process happens in phases that take time.

Understanding how your eyelashes grow and shed is crucial for maintaining their health and appearance. Time for a lesson in eyelash biology 101.

What Are Lash Phases — and Why Should You Care?

Each person typically has about 150-200 natural lashes per eye on their upper eyelids, and 75-100 on the lower lids. Regardless of differences in length, thickness, and color, everyone’s lashes follow the same three-phase growth cycle. These phases are called Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen.

Did you know? Eyelashes are made of a protein called keratin. This is the same material as the hair on your head and body.

Anagen Phase: Active Growth

During the Anagen phase, lashes grow actively for around 30-45 days. About 40 percent of your lashes are in this phase at any given time. Once a lash reaches its maximum length, growth stops.

The duration of the Anagen phase can vary based on several factors. Genetics play a significant role, with some people genetically predisposed to longer Anagen phases, resulting in longer lashes.

Additionally, age and hormonal changes can influence the length of the Anagen phase. Younger people typically have longer Anagen phases than older people, resulting in more robust lash growth. (Yes, unfortunately—eyelash aging is real.)

External factors such as diet, stress levels, and overall health can also impact the Anagen phase. A balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals is essential for hair growth. These include vitamin D, iron, and protein.

Did you know? Trichomegaly is the name of a condition that causes lash hair to grow faster and exceptionally long.

Catagen Phase: Transition

In the Catagen phase, which lasts 2-3 weeks, lashes reach their maximum length, and growth halts. If a lash falls out during this phase, it won’t start growing back until this phase is over.

Did you know? The record for the longest eyelash measured is 8 inches long.

Telogen Phase: Rest and Renewal

The resting / shedding phase is known as the Telogen phase. This lasts 3-4 months. During this time, a new hair begins to grow from the hair follicle, eventually pushing out the old hair.

There’s no reason to get worried about normal lash shedding. They are just making room for new ones! Because each individual lash is in its own phase of the cycle, it’s normal for a few lashes to fall out every day. It usually takes 4-8 weeks to fully replace a lash.

During the Telogen phase, the hair follicles remain dormant before re-entering the Anagen phase to initiate new lash growth. This resting period allows the follicles to replenish their energy stores and prepare for the next cycle of growth.

Factors such as hormonal fluctuations and environmental stressors can influence the duration of the Telogen phase. For example, changes in hormone levels during pregnancy or menopause can disrupt the hair growth cycle. This can lead to increased hair shedding during the Telogen phase. This type of hair loss is called telogen effluvium.

Conclusion: Your Lash Cycle Is the Key

Understanding your eyelash growth cycle is essential for maintaining healthy and beautiful lashes. By following simple tips like gentle makeup removal, using lash serum, and handling your lashes with care, you can ensure that your lashes remain in optimal condition throughout the cycle.

While individual differences may influence the pace of lash growth, consistent care and nourishment will help you achieve your desired lash goals over time. With proper attention and maintenance, you can enjoy lush, healthy lashes that enhance your natural beauty.

Expert Tips for Healthy Lashes Throughout the Cycle

Damage can cause hairs to break off mid-cycle. We recommend that you to keep your lashes healthy and conditioned. This is especially important if you use makeup daily or get cosmetic treatments like eyelash extensions or lash lifts.

To keep your lashes healthy throughout the lash cycle, follow these expert tips:

Remove makeup carefully. Use a gentle, oil-free cleanser or micellar water to remove makeup without damaging your lashes.

Avoid waterproof eye makeup. Waterproof mascara, eyeliner, or eye shadow can be harsh on lashes and skin. We recommend you opt for formulas with conditioning benefits instead.Waterproof makeup can also be difficult to remove. This could lead to pulling or tugging on your lashes, which can damage them or cause them to shed prematurely.

Use a lash serum. Incorporate a lash serum like RevitaLash® Advanced into your routine to strengthen lashes and protect against breakage. This physician-developed formula includes peptides, biotin, and antioxidant-rich plant extracts to improve lash flexibility, strength, and shine.

Handle with care. Avoid tugging on your lashes or rubbing your eyes to prevent damage. When using a lash curler, take care not to crimp your lashes too tightly. This can contribute to hair shaft breakage.

Nourish your lashes regularly. Treat your lashes to a nourishing masque or castor oil 2-3x per week.

Our favorite “I woke up like this” secret.

Once upon a time, there were many of us in a brief love affair with eyelash extensions. Waking up with long, thick, fluttering lashes without even a hint of makeup was a huge confidence boost…but it came with a cost. The fills were pricey themselves, but the integrity of our lashes paid the ultimate price. With the frequent touch ups, and heavy adhesives, our natural lashes were left looking broken and brittle. Enter: Lash Lift!

What is a lash lift?

A lash lift service itself includes applying a perming serum to the lashes to hold them against a silicone rod for a certain amount of time while they lift. This process curls your lash from base to tip so you’re able to see the full length. 

What does the process look like?

Every treatment begins with a thorough consultation to discuss what kind of result you are looking to achieve. Based on this information and the length of your lashes, your provider will choose a curling rod specifically for you. The area of the eye is cleansed, and the rod is placed onto your eyelids. The natural lashes are curled over and attached to the rod with an adhesive to set the lashes before a lifting solution is applied. This allows the lashes to mold around the curling rod. Then, a setting lotion is applied to set the shape. The process should take between 45-60 minutes!

How long does it last?

Typically, the results from a lash lift will ast 4 to 6 weeks based on the care you take and how quickly your eyelashes grow. It’s important to know that you should avoid mascara and water on your lashes for 24 hours to make sure they’re able to lift correctly and set into the desired shape. For post-treatment care we recommend castor oil to nourish and condition. Apply with these disposable spoolie brushes.

How much does it cost?

The cost of this service ranges depending on your location and your provider. At santāl skin, we charge $70 for a lash lift and $95 for lash lift + tint. Adding a tint to your lash lift service is the perfect way to achieve the effortless “awake” look without any makeup at all!

Do lash lifts work on all lashes?

While lash lifts can work on both long and short lashes, the best results come from lashes that are at least 4mm in length. Your provider can tell you if she believes you are a good candidate! If your lashes are too short, and we don’t wholeheartedly feel you would get the best result, we may recommend our go-to lash growing product, Revitalash. Applying this growth serum to your lashes before bedtime nourishes and strengthens your natural lashes to help them grow. This one-of-a-kind ophthalmologist-developed formula uses powerful peptides and botanicals to protect against breakage and brittleness while improving flexibility, moisture, and shine for bold, beautiful, lush lashes. 

Calendar Reminder: Botox Consult @ Santal Skin

We remember our very first Botox consultation. Welcome! You’ve taken the plunge into the world of anti-aging and neuromodulators. Maybe you’ve done all the research, have prepared your list of questions in your notes app, have an idea of the areas you want treated, and are counting down the minutes until you meet with one of our providers. OR, like most of us, you’ve only heard that Botox gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles, have no idea what questions to ask, have consulted Google/Instagram/Tik Tok for the 5th time today, and the information overload makes you sweat. Also, what’s a neuromodulator? Here, there, or in between, we’re here to give you the skinny on what happens at your very first Botox consultation. I’ll let you in on a little secret: the worst part about Botox? You’re going to love it.

in the room

Take a deep breath, and know you are in the hands of experienced professionals. We will make sure you’re comfortable, seen, and heard. We’re SO excited that you’re here and are ready to get to know you! First, we will discuss the details of your medical profile and history. This will ensure we have all the necessary information prior to your treatment, and will help us understand if there are any contraindications to treatment. Have that list of questions? Fire away. We’ll open up the floor to you, and any thoughts or concerns you may have. This is an in-depth appointment with ample time to ensure you feel confident in your injector, and confident in the service itself. Next, we’ll discuss your course of treatment, understand the areas that bother you, and mark those areas out. After assessing the muscle size and movement, our provider will recommend how many units you may require–your personal botox “cocktail” if you will. Then, we can talk about numbers and pricing. If you’re comfortable, we always carve out enough time for day-of treatment!

PSA: We know the term “neuromodulator” can sound a little intimidating. Neuromodulator is the umbrella term for botulinum toxin (another cringey word… stick with us) that can be injected into the body. Botox has been FDA approved for over 30 years, is extremely safe, and is used extensively in the medical field. Botox essentially sits in front of a receptor site between the muscle and the brain, and says to our targeted muscles, “hey, chill for a while.” Without the consistent movement of those muscles, the lines will smooth. It’s like a real-life filter! 

in the chair

So we have your Botox cocktail mixed, now it’s time to get your tox! If it’s your first time, you might be a little nervous. We get that! Think: small bee sting. Botox treatment takes approximately 3-5 minutes from start to finish, depending on the number of areas to be treated. Most patients open their eyes and say “that’s it?” Yep! Easy peasy, and you’re on your way to smoother lines and fewer wrinkles. This is often the shortest part of the entire appointment, and we offer several methods of comfort to help ease the anxious feelings!


There are a lot of things that you read about “what-not-to-do” after botox. Let’s clear those up:

+ No physical activity for 24 hours after treatment. This is to prevent your Botox from moving out of the muscles. Leisurely walks, bike rides, and yard work are perfectly okay. Unless of course… you’d prefer them not to be. Take a day to recharge. We all need a little R&R. Nurses orders!

+ No pressure on the injection sights. Avoid jade rollers, facials, massages, or tight-fitted hats to prevent Botox migration. 

+ You should expect “full” results within 7-10 days of treatment, with full results by 2 weeks. Botox is typically metabolized within 90-120 days, which is why we recommend patients come in every 3 months to ensure they never get back to full movement. 

book before you leave

Botox is wonderful–one of the best anti-aging methods second to medical grade skincare/spf. However, the long term benefits are only possible if you invest in maintaining it! A SKINvestment, if you will. Book your 90 day appointment before you leave and make time for your self care. One treatment will not keep those lines away but with regular maintenance, lines and wrinkles will fade over time.

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