Skinvive: Why You Need This Skin Booster

How does a full 8 hours of R+R sound? It can be a pretty unrealistic expectation for some of us, but with the latest FDA-approved hyaluronic acid skin quality treatment, you could stand a chance to at least look well-rested.

Skinvive is a new type of hyaluronic acid “skin booster” vs. the more viscous hyaluronic acid fillers that are replacing lost volume. Skinvive is meant to hydrate and change the appearance of your skin rather than the shape of your face. It does this by attracting moisture to the upper layer of the skin, and addressing dullness and improving texture. 

At santāl skin, we always say that we’re “in the business of natural.” We want you to look like you, but refreshed, which is why we added Skinvive to our arsenal of medical aesthetic treatments. Changes in skin quality and volume loss are both signs of aging. The best results come from combining filler to target volume loss and Skinvive to help with skin quality. This combination is part of a more global and comprehensive treatment plan. 

Treating with Skinvive is beneficial for just about anyone, and is ideal for all skin types looking to achieve the “glass skin” look. Fine lines soften, skin laxity is mitigated, and collagen is stimulated. Patients to avoid this treatment include those who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding, and those experiencing active acne. 

Skinvive requires little to no downtime, and is comparable to other injectables like filler and Botox. You can resume your regular daily activities immediately after your appointment, but avoid exercise and applying makeup for 24 hours. 

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