Everything You Need to Know About LED Masking

If you’re looking for a skincare device worth investing in, it’s an LED mask. Trust us, nothing is better than binge watching Real Housewives and knowing you’re simultaneously making your skin all kinds of plump and happy too! 

so what’s LED? 

LED, aka light emitting diode, is a non-invasive, relaxing AF skincare treatment that boosts the skin’s natural healing process, stimulates collagen and fights acne-causing bacteria.  

LED is special though. This light reaches deep into the dermis which rejuvenates the skin at the cellular level. This means it targets the *living layers* of your skin, which is not something a regular face mask can do (which in comparison, is only improving the top layer / surface of the skin).

how it works:

To get technical, LED emits a variety of lights, all of which are different wavelengths that provide their own unique benefits to the skin. Each light can be used alone or in conjunction with each other to enhance results, depending on your skin concerns.

Here’s a breakdown of each and their claim to fame:

RED LIGHT: most popular for its ability to target all things anti-aging! It stimulates collagen, increases circulation, reduces inflammation and speeds up the skin’s natural healing process. It’s best for diminishing lines and wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin, giving you that plump and healthy glow we’re all after. 

BLUE LIGHT: kills acne-causing bacteria on the surface and in the follicles + pores of the skin. It’s best for blemish-prone skin, especially those with cystic acne. It prevents breakouts and fades acne scars. Red + blue light work great in conjunction with each other!

AMBER LIGHT: best suited for those with hyperpigmentation, melasma or rosacea. It’s known to reduce redness, swelling and inflammation in the skin, which makes it a great light to use post-treatment too.

Note: LED does NOT contain UV so it’s a totally safe treatment (and nothing like the lights used in a tanning bed). There’s no downtime or redness and it’s safe and beneficial for all skin types.

how to use it:

Wear your mask after cleansing AM or PM and other than that, it really is as easy as turning it on and letting your mask do its thing. If you use a retinol at night or any other photosensitizing products, wear your mask in the morning for best results. 

anything else?

LED is best with CONSISTENT daily use. The effects compound. We also want to preface and say *not all LED masks are created equal.* The quality of the bulbs matter here; the better the bulbs, the more effective your mask is.  Our tried and true LED mask at santāl skin, is this one [ https://bit.ly/38O5p71 ].

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