10 Things to Avoid After Injectables

We do everything we can to prepare our patients and set them up for the best results when it comes to their injectables. Part of that prep is talking about the “what not to do” in the hours, days, and weeks following your treatment. The list looks a little something like this:

1. Makeup – open wound from needle piercing the skin increases your risk of infection, especially if your sponges and/or brushes are not clean. Rule of thumb: wait 30 minutes before reapplying makeup so your skin has a chance to heal and avoid too much pressure applying the makeup on and around the injection sites. 

2. Ice Rolling – we strategically place injectables into the muscles and/or under the skin in certain places for a reason. Moving the injectable in any way can effect the results!

3. Dental Work – This is a strange one, but is on this list for a reason! Holding your mouth open for prolonged periods of time and/or manipulating the mouth in certain positions can move injectables out of the targeted areas and effect results.

4. Facials – We are all for some self-care, but save the facial for next week. The pressure of the massage can manipulate fillers and move neurotoxins into areas they weren’t meant to be.

5. Naps – You may be familiar with the “no laying down for 4 hours after botox or filler”, and it exists for good reason. That reason? Gravity. Laying down too soon after an injectable treatment can give gravity the chance to take hold of your provider’s beautiful work and pull it towards one side or the other. If you’re a belly sleeper, it can also put pressure on the injected areas of the face.

6. Straws – This is mostly related to lip filler and other injectables around the mouth. You want to avoid making an “O” with your lips for at least 2-3 days after your filler appointment to mitigate migration as well as manipulation of the filler. No smoking…sucking on lollipops…sucking on popsicles…sucking on anything. K? Are you following?

7. Yoga – This is due to the inversion of the body while performing yoga poses. This risks drawing the botox out of the targeted muscles and flowing into other muscles not meant to be treated.

8. Tight Fitting Hats – This can cause too much pressure on the forehead area after Botox injections, and risks moving the Botox out of the muscles and decreasing the efficacy of treatment.

9. Alcohol – Some experts believe this can cause an increased risk of bruising, but in our opinion, if you want that glass of wine with dinner we support you! We may recommend avoiding alcohol in excess prior to your appointment, but afterwards… cheers!

10. Working out – Exercise increases your heart rate and blood pressure, which causes increased blood flow through the muscles. For the same reason yoga is not recommended, you want to avoid moderate to extreme exercise for the first 24-48 hours for best results.

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